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Sunday 1/16/2022

Ministry Staff and Officers

Ministry Staff

Paul Sanders, Senior Pastor

Paul came to CCC in 2011 after working as an assistant pastor and director of youth and family ministry at a sister church in Roebuck, SC. Each week, he teaches from the Word of God and endeavors to show God’s great love for His people through Christ’s great work on the cross.

Paul is married to Suzanne, and they have 6 children.


Dr. Jerry Lindell, Assistant to the Pastor

Jerry returned to CCC in January 2020. He served as the pastor here for 21 years and has returned to assist Pastor Sanders with duties related to missions, education and visitations.

Jerry is married to Janet, and they have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.


David Conley, Assistant to the Pastor for Worship

Steve Wearden, Director of Youth & Family Ministry

Steve came to CCC as a Pastoral Intern in 2017, after sensing that God was calling him to full-time work in the church setting. He has been attending seminary for the last 3 years and working at CCC as a ministry assistant. In January 2020, Steve took on the title of Director of Youth and Family Ministries. He is focused on the youth and building up the community group ministry of the church.

Steve and Lisa, his wife, have 3 daughters.


Rachel Beeson, Director of Children's Ministries

Rachel was hired at CCC in 2019 as the part-time Director of Children’s Ministries. She has a great deal of experience having served in this role at a previous church, homeschooling her own children, and working as an administrator in their homeschool co-op. Rachel works closely with the teachers and volunteers in the children’s program as they select curriculum and work on policies that keep our children safe.

Rachel is married to Bryan and they have 3 children.


Felicia Liddell, Director of Assimilation

Felicia officially joined the staff in 2019 although she had been working on a volunteer basis for several years. She is committed to helping new people find their way in our church. She follows up with visitors and on prayer requests, and makes sure the data base and online pictorial directory are up to date.

Felicia is married to Roy and they have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.


Cal Gilvin, Facility Manager

Cal has been serving at CCC since 2010, but was hired in an official capacity in 2019. He is tasked with keeping the church facility and grounds in tip-top shape. Cal’s many years of building projects and architectural salvage has enabled him to be a vital resource to the staff.

Cal and his wife Laura have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.


Jim Perry, Church Administrator

Jim has been on staff at CCC since 2002 when he was hired to be the Director of Youth Ministry. Now, Jim has passed the baton and will be focusing on the administration of church life. He oversees technology, church policies, and the use of the building.

Jim and his wife Carolyn have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.


Administrative Assistant

Joanne Heiser


Elders                                       Deacons

 Paul Sanders - Moderator   Cal Gilvin   
Bruce Apgar   Greg Coggins  
 Tom Davies   Bruce Drebenstedt  
 Jimmy Compton    Bill Gobeli  
  Rick Heiser - clerk   Bruce Piesch - Chairman  
 Roy Liddell   Bill Turek  
 Jim Perry   Andrew Woodford  
 John Shaw    Robbie McCoy   
Jim Streit      
Jeff Petric