Sunday Schedule

Worship 10:30AM

Sunday School/ADS 9:30AM

What to Expect

What should I expect when I visit?

We are a warm and welcoming body of believers. While our church body is growing, there is still opportunity for very personal and close fellowship at either of our services (and inbetween). While our fellowship and relationships are important, at Christ Community, we believe that our and your ulitmate purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Thus, when it comes to our corporate gatherings on Sunday, the worship of the Almighty is our highest priority. While we desire everyone be encouraged through the service, we also remind everyone that worship is about our Lord Jesus Christ first and foremost. While we work hard to prepare edifying and insightful prayers, music, singing, preaching along with other Biblical elements of worship, it is our Lord God who is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. We invite you to be more than "spectators" in our service, but instead "participants that engage with each element of the service.

  • Our church and our worship center around our Lord Jesus Christ. It is all about Him. Our preaching is expository. In other words, while our pastors work hard to prepare engaging and applicable sermons, it is the Scripture that we prioritize (otherwise, what in the world have we to say!). Often we will be preaching through a specific book of the Bible while on ocassions, there will a topical series (i.e. The Family). But even then, it will be a passage of Scripture on that topic that will be unfolded. We desire you to take the truth you hear and to work it out during the week with family, friends and in the workplace.
  • You'll enjoy God exalting worship as your heart is encouraged and energized to delight in Him above everything else. You'll find our service a bit of a blend where both the ancient and the contemporary meet.
  • What should I wear? Once again, our church family is a blend when it comes to dress. Wear what you prefer. Whether it is a tie and sportcoat, a golf shirt and khakis, a blouse and skirt, or a pair of jeans, you'll fit right in! Just bring a heart ready to worship our Triune God!
  • Adult Discipleship Seminars: Meet at 9:30AM, there are elective seminars offered for your discipleship and encouragement. It is NEVER too late to jump in on one. See a pastor for information.

What's available for my kids?

We know that as a parent you need be sure that your children are in a safe and loving learning environment. And it is our goal to provide just that.
Sunday School: We know that your children are looking for a fun place to learn. We have discipleship class for various age groups meeting at 9:30AM, where teachers work hard to teach the Word of God in creative and memorable ways.
What about worship? While we have a nusery for ages 0-3 during all of our services, it is our conviction that all ages should be together in worship. You will find that practice through Biblical and church history.


How can I get more involved?

That's a good question! People often ask it after only a few visits. We want you to come, sit back, relax and enjoy the time of teaching and worship. But at the same time ... when you're ready, we want to make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to get involved and serve. Folks at Christ Community feel the excitement and are enthusiastic about what God is doing here -- they want to participate, to help, to serve and to reach out with God's grace. Please know there's a place here for you! Our pastor offers a 12 week Foundations Class twice a year (Spring and Fall) that is the ideal starting point for determining your place at CCC.
You can let us know when you're ready to get more involved by . . .
1. E-mailing our ministry staff at
2. Touching base with one of the ministry coordinators. They'll be able to fill you in and answer your questions.