Sunday Schedule

Worship 10:30AM

Sunday School/ADS 9:30AM


Welcome to our website. My name is Paul Sanders and I am the Senior Pastor here at Christ Community Church. CCC is a special community of believers. There are people from a variety of regions, cultures, jobs, and backgrounds. What binds most of us together is a genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to worship, follow and serve Him. We believe the Bible is God’s Word to us that directs us towards these goals. We value exploring the Word together in worship and other venues each week.

One thing you should know about us is that we DO NOT have it altogether. Perhaps you realized this if you have visited! We all face the same troubles as you day to day when it comes to marriage and family, raising little ones, social life frustrations, hardships with work, losing those we love, battling sin, etc. But while we are a broken people, many of us can testify to our great God who daily is transforming us by the power of His grace.

We are praying that our great God would add to our number daily people just like you. While we are a church that has been in this immediate area for around 15 years, we are also in the midst of new and exciting transitions. We would welcome you and your family (and your friends) to come and be a part of these exciting times.

Feel free to look around our website, listen to (or even watch) some sermons. Like everything at CCC, our website is yet another work in progress. So if your questions are not satisfied or you would like to learn more about the values of Christ Community Church, please feel free to call us for more information.

Grace and Peace,
Paul Sanders
Senior Pastor