We are all on a journey, but none of us have “arrived”. We need others in our lives so that we can grow and move towards Jesus. God designed us to be in community–it’s a primary way in which He shapes us to be more like Jesus. Take a few minutes and listen to several stories by real people who are on that journey, just like you.

  Ridge Haven 2016 - Middle School Camp

     RYM 2016 - High School Camp


Ridge Haven 2015 from Jim Perry on Vimeo.



CCYouth @ RYM 2015 from Jim Perry on Vimeo.


Agathos Leadership Meeting


Ryan and Carrie Darnell 


Jeff & Melanie Callahan


Chris & Alecia Stanley 


Agathos Dinner


Dana Coggins - Agathos "God You are Good!"





April 10 2016 from Jim Perry on Vimeo.

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