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Dear Church, Anybody Home?

May 21, 2023 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Topic: Dear Church Passage: Revelation 3:14–22

7 Churches Review:

Ephesus           Faithful doctrine but losing the love they had at first

Smyrna            The enduring, suffering church

Pergamos       Holding fast to the faith but tolerating bad doctrine

Thyatira          Growing love, faith, patience and service, but tolerating evil doctrine, evil teachers, and evil actions

Sardis Few faithful. Most had the appearance of life but in reality were “dead”

Philadelphia  Little in power, but strong in faithful belief and living

Laodicea          Lukewarm and sickening, but there’s a knocking at the door


Revelation 3:14-22


The hard reality of “luke warmness”


  1. You are far worse than you think you are


  1. You can’t be passionate about your need for Jesus if you see no need for Jesus.


Jesus counsels the lukewarm church

  1. He invites them to buy gold, garments and eye ointment from Him


Buying from Jesus means coming humbly before Him recognizing your bankruptcy, your blindness and your nakedness before a Holy God

(it is faith and rest in Christ and surrender to Christ)


  1. We should receive His discipline as love


  1. We are to be zealous in our repentance


Revelation 3:20-22


Jesus is still graciously offering Himself even to the lukewarm church!

-        To come in and dine (Rescue and Relationship)

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