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Jesus and The Church

February 26, 2023 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Topic: Jesus and The Church Passage: Revelation 1:4–20

Purpose: To comfort the militant church in its struggle against the forces of evil.


Theme: The victory of Christ and of His church over Satan and His helpers.


Revelation 1:4-8


Revelation is a story of Jesus and His church


Isaiah 11:1-2


The offices of Christ in vs. 5


Faithful witness:                 Prophet


Firstborn of the dead:        Priest


Ruler of kings:                      King


Revelation 1:9-10


Who Jesus is


How John responded to Jesus


How Jesus responded to John.


Revelation 1:10-13


Hebrews 4:14-16 


Revelation 1:14-16


John’s Response to Jesus & Jesus Response to John


Revelation 1:17-20



This Book is all about the Church


Do you love your church?

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