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"Our Unending Debt"

September 19, 2021 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Romans

Topic: Our Unending Debt Passage: Romans 13:8–10

Romans 13:8-10


The never-ending debt we owe, is to love our neighbor


Authentic Christian love is the best display of keeping God’s Law


“The Christian who practices real New Testament love in his neighbor relations is, in fact, fulfilling the law that God gave through Moses pertaining to our relationship to neighbors… We do not love the society in which we live by compromising on obeying God’s standards; rather, we love it by obeying God’s commands.” Dr. Ligon Duncan


The second table of the law, is summed up in “love your neighbor as you love yourself.


“Love is emotive, motive, and expulsive. It is emotive and therefore creates infinity with an affection for the object of love. It is motive in that it impels us to action. It is expulsive because it expels that which is alien to the interest in which love seeks to promote.”  John Murray



Love and Law are not contradictory tendencies in the Christian life


Consider how Jesus perfectly fulfilled God’s Law and Love at the cross

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