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Living Sacrifices

April 4, 2021 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Romans

Topic: Easter Passage: Romans 12:1–12:1

Romans 12:1


The Outrageous Appeal: Give yourself to God once and for all!


The grounds for an outrageous appeal: The MERCIES of GOD (chapters 1-11)


“If you have a tiny little god then what the Apostle ask of us is too much. But if you have a big God and you know what He has done for you, then what the Apostle ask is very reasonable.” Unknown


The Reasonable Response to the Mercies of God: Present your Bodies


“Paul made it plain, in his exposure of human depravity in 3:13, that it reveals itself through our bodies, in tongues which practice deceit and lips which spread poison, in mouths which are full of cursing and bitterness, in feet made which are swift to shed blood, and in eyes which look away from God. Conversely, Christian sanctity shows itself in deeds of the body. So we are to offer different parts of our bodies…to God as ‘instruments of righteousness’. Then our feet will walk in his paths, our lips will speak the truth and spread the gospel, our tongues will bring healing, our hands will lift up those who have fallen…our arms will embrace the lonely and the unloved, our ears will listen to the cries of the distressed, and our eyes will look humbly and patiently towards God.” John Stott

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