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What About the Law?

February 9, 2020 Speaker: Jerry Lindell Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 7:1–7:6

Romans 5

  • Peace with God
  • Unlimited Access to God
  • A whole new perspective on difficulties and trials


Romans 6

  • Union with Christ
  • Dead to our old way of life being slaves of sin
  • Made alive to God having become slaves of righteousness
  • Have the power of God to live to please him


Paul’s view of the law


A Principle (v.1) – The law binds a person only during his lifetime.

An Illustration of the Principle(vv.2-3) – The death of a spouse in marriage

Applications of the Principle (vv. 4-6)


  • 4 -Has removed believers from the demands of the law


  • 5 -The law actually provokes our sin nature to disobey it.


  • 6 -Released from the law, we can now serve in the new way of the Spirit.


  • Radically insecure
  • Judgmental
  • Devastated by criticism
  • Self-centered



  • The Three Purposes of the Law as emphasized by the Reformers:
  1. Defines what sin is, convicts us and shows us our desperate need of a Savior.
  2. Civil law restrains evil by the fear of punishment.
  3. Shows believers how to live for God’s glory and their good.


Key Question:  “Is the law still binding on Christians?”

  • The answer is both “No” & “Yes”
  • “No, when it involves our acceptance with God.
  • But, “Yes”, when it involves a standard for our lives as Christians. It shows us how to live in a way that honors God.


  • Our motive, as believers now for obeying God’s law, is not to win acceptance and blessing from him, but to express our deep love and gratitude to him for all that he has done for us in Christ.

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