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In His Own Image

January 19, 2020 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Individual Messages

Topic: Sanctity of Life Passage: Genesis 1:24–1:27, Genesis 9:6–9:6

Genesis 1:24-27


Genesis 9:6


  1. God created human beings.  And…


  1. God created human beings in His own image or likeness.


The top three reasons given by women having an abortion: 

(1)   I am not ready for responsibility

(2)   I cannot afford a baby at this time

(3)   I am concerned that having a baby would change my life


These truths should dictate how we treat all kinds of people.


Pray, pray, pray for national repentance and change of terrible laws


Exercise discernment in your State and National elections


This Wednesday night! Dinner at 6 PM with Piedmont Women’s Center report to follow!


Get directly involved with ministries on the front lines; such as the PWC.


Let your rejoicing in the opportunity to raise children overshadow the headaches and inconveniences of raising them!


Shepherd your children and grandchildren on the sanctity of human life.


Shepherd your children on God’s design for sexuality and the marriage bed.


Foster, adopt, support fostering and adoption.


Refresh Conference: Feb 14-15 (see Aimee Gobeli or Suzanne Sanders).


Minister the gospel to those who have had abortions.


If you carry deep sorrow or shame over this issue, let us minister the gospel to you!

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