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Federal Headship

November 10, 2019 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 5:12–21

Romans 5:12-21       


10 Thomas Jefferson

9 Alexander the Great

8 Aristotle

7 Adolf Hitler

6 George Washington

5 Abraham Lincoln

4 William Shakespeare

3 Muhammad

2 Napoleon

1 Jesus


The impact of the first Adam.


The impact of the second Adam.


“We cannot point the finger at Adam in self-righteous innocence, for we share in his guilt. And it is because we sinned in Adam that we die today.” John Stott


Federal Headship


Adam’s impact on mankind.


Because of Adam, sin came to all mankind.


Because of Adam, death came to all mankind.


Genesis 2:15-17


Romans 5:12


Because of Adam’s sin, condemnation came to all mankind.


Romans 5:16, 18


Consider then the impact of the Second Adam, Jesus Christ.


Because of Jesus, the grace of God and free gift came for many (vs. 15).


Because of Jesus, that free gift brought justification for many (vs. 16).


Because of Jesus, many have life (vs. 17-18).


Romans 5:18


Because of Jesus, many are made righteous (vs. 19).


Because of Jesus, many are given eternal life (vs. 21).


“As a matter of fact, Christ has not merely paid the penalty of Adam’s first sin and the penalty of the sins which we individually have committed, but also He has positively merited for us eternal life. He was, in other words, our representative both in the penalty paying and, in the probation keeping. He paid the penalty for us, and he stood the probation for us…” J. Gresham Machen


Here was Machen’s strong comfort in death. He knew that the meritorious work performed by Jesus had been reckoned to his account as if he had performed it. God must certainly bestow on him the glorious heavenly reward, for Jesus had earned it for him and God’s name is just.” Meredith Kline

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