Supressing the Truth

June 16, 2019 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 1:18–1:25

The wrath of God



 Romans 1:18-20


God’s wrath revealed against the suppressing of the truth of God (General revelation).


Romans 1:21


Because of suppressing the truth of God:

Man is ungrateful and man does not worship the true God.



Romans 1:22-23


Truth suppression leads unto idolatry exchanging the truth for lies.


Romans 1:24-25


God’s wrath is displayed in allowing us to continue on in our sin.


"The doors of hell are locked from the inside." Those in hell don’t want to get out of it, they have chosen it. They have chosen their sin, they have chosen their wickedness. They love it.

And God abandons them to their own desires.” C.S. Lewis


God gave them up…

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