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Coming Home

February 24, 2019 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Being Built Up

Topic: Nehemiah Passage: Nehemiah 8:13–8:18

Nehemiah 8:13-18

Spiritually restored people give themselves to obeying God’s Word.

Feast of Tabernacles – Lev. 23/ Num 23


 (Booths image)


(tabernacle image)



(Show Cloud and Fire images)

 jerusalem-temple - Copy

(Jerusalem Temple image)


This Feast celebrated the past


This Feast celebrated the present


This Feast pointed to the future


Revelation 7:9-10


(Priest Pool Sileom image)

 jerusalem-temple - Copy

(Jerusalem temple image)



Isaiah 12:1-6


Jn 7:37-38


(Lampstands image)


 (illuminated temple image)


John 8:12


This Feast was all about coming home.


1 Kings 8:65-66


Jesus came to bring Home to us. (John 1)


Revelation 21:22-24

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