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Same Strategies, Same Solutions

February 3, 2019 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Being Built Up

Topic: Nehemiah Passage: Nehemiah 6:1–6:16


Nehemiah 6:8


Nehemiah 6:9


But now, O God, strengthen my hands.


Nehemiah 6:13


Nehemiah 6:16


The people of God are involved in a great work; a mission from God.


Such confidence and resolved in the mission flow from a right relationship to God.


Maurice Wagner wrote, “Personal security…comes from our relationship with the three Persons of the Godhead. Our relationship to God the Father gives us a sense of belonging. We are members of His family and are secure in our Father-child relationship. Our union with Jesus the Son gives us a sense of worth. God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins. With our redemption accomplished, God has made us joint heirs with Christ. This shows our value. Finally, the Holy Spirit’s indwelling empowers us. We are made equal to every task. (i.e. we are competent).”


Opposition is often greatest when the mission is nearly finished.


Beware of temptations and frustrations that aim to have you drop your hands from the work of the Lord.


Know your Bible. Know the Scripture. Know what the Word says.


Jesus is the greater Nehemiah

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