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Orderly Account, Notable Ironies & Faithful Weaklings

November 27, 2016 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Christmas Prequels

Topic: Luke Passage: Luke 1:1–7

Luke 1:1-7 

Orderly accounts

Orderly accounts remove obstacles to belief.

Orderly accounts begin with what God has done.

Orderly accounts include the history that preceded us.

Orderly accounts are critical for the formation of sound doctrine and application.

J.I. Packer said that “the secret to soul-fattening Bible study is to ask first, ‘what does this passage teach me about my God? And then secondarily, ‘How should this inform my living?’”

Orderly accounts are grounded upon truth.

Orderly accounts prove the historicity of Christianity.

Orderly accounts are for God’s glory and our good.

Notable Ironies (vs. 5)

Luke 1:5

The Lord most often displays His power and glory through faithful weaklings.

Faithful weaklings, being used for eternal significance, will face trials and suffering.

1. God's power is perfected in weakness and God's glory is displayed in our weakness.

2. To teach us that though God had one Son without sin, but He has no sons without trials.

It was an old Puritan who said that God had one Son without sin, but no sons without sorrow

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