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Faithful Romance

October 2, 2016 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Song of Songs

Topic: Song of Songs Passage: Song of Solomon 7:1–2

Song of Songs 7:1-2

Romance to a Woman

His knowledge of her is deepens.

His exaltation and praise of her deepens.

Proverbs 5:16-19

His appreciation and thanksgiving for her deepens.

Song of Songs 7:3 -4

His respect for her deepens.

Song of Songs 7:4

His delight in her deepens.

Song of Songs 7:4

His trust in her has deepened.

Proverbs 12:4

Song of Songs 7:5-6

His devotion deepens.

Song of Songs 7:7-10-13

She respects him.

She is visually generous to him.

She pursues him for fun and exciting intimacy

Song of Songs 8:1-3

Romance Killers…
Lack of attention to one another
Discouraging comments
Poor friendship
Bad mouthing your spouse to others
Shame from past sin
Not dealing with abuse from the past
Neglect of personal physical, emotional and spiritual health

Recipe for An Affair: 6 E’s

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