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Faithful Attraction Part 2

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Song of Songs

Topic: Song of Songs Passage: Song of Solomon 1:1–1:7

Song of Songs 1:1-7 

He had a name.
His name encompasses all of what makes him, him. His character.
That which is his person that will not fade away.

Song of Songs 1:5-6

She has a faithful work ethic.

She is humble but confident.

Take note men: the standard of beauty for you is to always be your wife.

She respected authority

Proverbs 31:30

Song of Songs 1:7

You know you are mature enough to date when you are willing to be single forever opposed to compromising in order to have the attention of another.

So what does faithful attraction look for? Heart and Character.

How do we find such people?
First, observe them.

Listen to what those who know them say.

Ask yourself this question as you look at a list of character qualities:
Am I the kind of person who would attract the kind of person on my list?

Look at the list of qualities you desire in your spouse.
And then look at Jesus. He is the only One who is all of that perfectly.

Clear love for and commitment to Jesus Christ must be the non-negotiable when you consider a spouse

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