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Agathos - Lifestyle Stewardship

February 8, 2015 Speaker: Paul Sanders Series: Agathos

Topic: Matthew Passage: Matthew 6:33–6:33

“AGATHOS Lifestyle Stewardship”
February 8, 2015

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

As disciples of Jesus, we yearn to walk in His footsteps, being about the Father’s business just as He was. Jesus left no area untouched by His Kingdom-minded priorities. As we draw closer to Him, we will find ourselves conforming our priorities in much the same way. Our hearts will be open to His teaching, our time will be His time, our relationships will be changed by His Truth, and our resources will be available to others in an effort to advance His Kingdom. We will find that as we deplete ourselves for Him, He will fill us in ways we could not have fathomed.

Take a moment to think over and answer the following:
I could trust the Lord more in my _____________________________________.
I could spend less time doing ________________________________________.
I could share what God is doing in my life with __________________________.
I could spend less money on _________________________________________.
Ask the Lord to open your heart and life for generous living, and to use your gifts to advance His Kingdom as He sees fit.

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