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 AGATHOS is a discipleship initiative designed to help Christ Community Church and her members further the mission and vision of Jesus for His Church. We are committed to taking intentional steps that we might grow deeper in our discipleship unto Jesus and advancement of His Kingdom. It is our desire that the AGATHOS initiative will bear fruit in generations of believers for many years to come.

Agathos 150


Agathos Leadership Meeting.




Encouragement regarding Agatho's Celebration Sunday March 8, 2015 .




Agathos Dinner - Encouragement & History of Christ Community Church.


Dana Coggins - Agathos "God You are Good!"



Agathos Sermon Series 

 Agathos Orange  Agathos Mission and Vision - Matthew 28:18-20. “for God’s glory, to make and deploy mature and equipped disciples of Jesus Christ.”
 Agathos Orange

 Agathos Lifestyle and Stewardship - Matthew 6:33. As disciples of Jesus, we yearn to walk in His footsteps, being about the Father’s business just as He was.

View video of the Darnell's lifestyle and stewardship 

 Agathos Orange

 Agathos Living:  Sanctification - Romans 12:1-2. Just as God desired the unblemished lamb and the firstfruits of Israel’s crop, He desires the best from His people today.

View video of the Callahan's sanctification

 Agathos Orange  Agathos Living:  Our Time - Colossians 3:17.  If we acknowledge our time as a gift from God, we will be more wise in our use of it.
 Agathos Orange  Agathos Living:  Our Relationships - Matthew 22:37-38.  One key commonality exists in all the relationships that Jesus had: they accomplished the Father’s business.
 Agathos Orange  Agathos Living:  Our Money & Resources - Matthew 25:21.  The Lord desires a generous giver, but also a cheerful giver! Give Him your good gifts because He is truly the Giver of all AGATHOS things!

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