ADS (Adult Discipleship Seminars)

Christ Community Church's ADS's (Adult Discipleship Seminars) provide an intentional discipleship plan for spiritual growth that allows folks to be assimilated into the life of the church whether members or new visitors.  This is done in an atomosphere of cross-generational cultivation.  The ADS's at CCC give adults in our fellowship opportunities for Biblical instruction and discipleship, fellowship, encouragement and prayer.  

Joint Adult Discipleship Seminar Winter:

Mark - Steve Britton Room 7

The gospel of Mark is about two key questions, "Who is Jesus?" and "What did He come to do?" You will discover the Servant King who had to suffer many things and be rejected and yet, through that He triumphs and accomplishes His purposes. 

Acts of the Apostles - Final Chapters - Dale Olsen Room 8

The drama of redemption reached it's climatic point with the death and resurrection of Jesus, but the story did not end there.  jesus commissioned His disciples to go into all the world with the gospel.  The book of Acts details the first decades of this mission, following Peter and Paul as they take the gospel to the nations.  You will discover the amazing people and events that turned the world upside down. 

Leaders Like Jesus - Rev. Paul Sanders Room 9

The class is open to everyone as it should serve us all to understand better the qualifications, responsibilities and calling of officers in the church so we might elect well and pray and support our leadership well.  This class is a pre-requisite for all men seeking to serve one day as elders or deacons. 

1 Corinthians - Tom Davies Room 10 Library

I Corinthians is a pastoral letter to a spiritually troubled church.  The letter is highly relevant today, as it deals with such issues as the relatiohship between Christians and their surrounding pagan culture, divisions wtihing the church, the ordering of church practices such as the Lord's Supper, and the use of spiritual gifts. 

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making - Rev. Roger Sowder Room The Sanctuary 

We will use Tim Lane's and Paul Tripp's book to apply hope to every relationship, but especially our marriages and friendships. God, through His Word, can speak into our messy, conflict-ridden relationships.

Thessalonians - Randy Gordon Room 2

Forced out of Thessalonica by the Jews, Paul wrote to encourage and teach the new believers there. In his first letter, Paul describes what it means to be a true Christian. He describes as a faith that is full of vigor, a love that shows itself in action, a hope that is focused on Christ and an endurance that rises about worldly temptations.  You will discover how you can grow in your daily walk with Jesus by standing firm in faith, love and hope.